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Gosselin export packing

Export packing

Sturdy wooden boxes provide maximum protection during shipping and storage, whether they hold furniture, vehicles, spare parts or machinery. We use waterproof plywood for protection and a heat-treated wooden frame for strength and rigidity.

Our crates can withstand repeated shipping and rough handling under extreme weather conditions.

  • ISPM-15 certified
  • durable and waterproof
  • easy to inspect by customs
  • common dimensions, custom designs upon request

We have more than 25 years of experience and have a dedicated fabrication plant and central warehouse near the port of Antwerp. We quickly ship the boxes you need assembled or in flat pack for easy assembly.

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Your interests

Motorcycle boxes

Our motorcycle boxes are suitable for shipping most types of motorcycles. They provide secure protection thanks to their close-fitting frame.

Strap hooks in the bottom and braces around the tires guarantee your motorcycle is safe during shipping.



Type II boxes

Our standard product is the Type II box (205 cuft - 5,8 cbm) as specified by one of our main customers, the US Government.

GEP type II boxes are SDDC approved under nr. 215B and are being used for moves throughout the world.

Overflow boxes

Our overflow crates are stable, tested constructions made from waterproof plywood and heat treated wood.

They range from 1.3 cbm til 7,5 cbm. Custom designs can be made upon request.



Storage boxes

Store your goods securely in wooden crates that offer maximum protection.

Crates for storage purposes typically range between 7 cbm and 13 cbm.



The ISPM15 certificate refers to the international standard for phytonsanitary measures, helping to prevent the worldwide spread of plant pests and deseases.

We are a licensed manufacturer of crates certified for international shipping. Our wooden packaging material has been treated according to the regulations for international trade. And we have been in compliance with these regulations for many years.


Our facilities

We are located near the port of Antwerp. Our export packing manufacturing facility is easy accessible.

Trucks can easily access our loading area. Several trucks can park in line, waiting to be loaded. There is plenty of room for handling.

We quickly ship the boxes you need - already assembled or in flat pack for easy assembly - to any destination in the world.


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